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Accessing healthcare in Malta

Maltese National Health Service (NHS)

Your Social Security Number (SSN) payments at work!

You may be able to get some access to this with an EU passport and an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), but personally I did not try. Once Bee and I had our Residence Cards we gave it a go though – it went like this:

  1. We found our local health centre on the health.gov.mt website
  2. When we got to Gzira Health Centre, the receptionist took Bee’s Residence Card (as we were there for her) and gave her a form for the doctor to fill in
  3. We had a number given to us so we knew when it was our turn
  4. The doctor was very lovely and wrote out the prescription Bee needed with no fuss. Unfortunately the NHS here doesn’t cover the particular brand she wanted but as it’s the best one for her so we got that
  5. We took the prescription to the pharmacy – this medication costs around €10 per packet.

Private Healthcare (not as expensive as it sounds!)

I need a regular injection, so for the first few months (before I received my Residence Card) I attended the local pharmacy, which is also a doctors’ clinic – I understand this is common practice across Malta.

There was no numbering system in the waiting room, so make sure you take a good look around so you know when it’s your turn – I embarrassed myself trying to go in too soon! The doctor himself was very genial and knowledgable – he taught me the new word ‘trans-sphoidal’ – and did the necessary with minimal fuss.

He charged €10 for the appointment + €0.44 for the syringe, and the medication I was injected with comes at a price of €154.

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