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Applying for a Malta Residence Card

(For EU Nationals and their families / spouses)

In order to do this as employed, follow these steps in this order:

  1. Find a place to live in Malta
  2. Find a job in Malta and get a work contract or ‘promise of employment’ letter
  3. Get a Malta Social Security Number (SSN)
  4. Get an ETC Certificate of Employment
  5. Then …

Apply for Maltese Residence Card

On the day walkthrough

Take a look at the Identity Malta citizenship page and read the information which will tell you which form to download.

Regarding supporting documents, the website points you to the form for the information, and the form is wrong. Here’s a photo of the notices on the wall in the EU applications room of Evans Building. Please note however that this photo was taken on 17th February 2016 and the requirements could (and probably will) change again before long.

Submit applications for residence cards at Evans Building in Valletta. The building is at the opposite end of the city to the bus terminus, but can still be walked to within 20 minutes. It is recommended you go early as it gets busier throughout the morning.

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 00.24.16

It’s a very big building, but you just need to follow the signs to go round back to the EU applicants’ section, take a ticket and wait. Don’t go outside as they wont give you long after calling your number! Two people missed their numbers in fact.

Malta Residence Card Required Documents

These are the documents required to apply for a residence card as employed:



Original and one photocopy of:

  • Passport (photo page)
  • Work contract
  • Jobsplus (formerly known as ETC) employment certificate
  • Tenancy agreement signed by both

Originals were all looked at but not retained, so we got to take them home with us.




  • Passport (all pages)
  • Marriage certificate in original language
  • Certified marriage certificate in English (where applicable)

As above, originals were looked at and returned to us.

Photocopy of:

  • Passport (containing visa stating ‘family member of EU citizen’)
  • EU passport
  • Marriage certificate in original language
  • Certified marriage certificate in English (where applicable)

After we submitted all our forms and photocopies, they were placed into individual blue folders and taken into the back room. We then waited about 90 minutes before following them into the back room to have our photos and signatures taken. Once this was all completed, we were each given a document displaying our photos and reference numbers which confirmed our applications.

Applications like ours (an EU and a family member submitted together) are processed together, and the cards should be ready to collect within 4-5 weeks. Both cards should be ready at the same time but must be collected by both people in person (one person cannot collect both).



If you use Google Drive (and I honestly could recommend nothing better for keeping files organised and accessible), save forms into it. Then right-click > Open with > DocHub – it will open the PDF in a very useful free app that allows you to type directly into the form.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 19.58.49

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