Malta ID Card Application Day

Malta ID Card Application Day

Today was a pretty big day for us – we both applied for our Maltese residence cards. While this has relatively little impact on me, it is a huge leap forward for the two of us as a couple as once Bee’s card arrives we will be free to travel around the EU without worrying about getting her a visa! Can’t wait to go exploring around Europe together, as well as attending. The residence card even enables us to visit the UK!


So, to apply for residence cards we needed to go to Valletta bright and early. We eventually dragged ourselves up and out of the house to the bus stop. The bus kept us waiting but arrived eventually, and we squeezed ourselves on for the journey to the capital. I was carrying a backpack full of documents and a laptop which didn’t help.

We arrived at the bus terminus and set off into Valletta, stopping for the obligatory photos.

Before applying for the residence cards, I needed to get my Certificate of Employment from the ETC office, which is on St Zachary Street, opposite Next and one to the left. I had emailed my form in advance, but the lady took a look at my passport and asked me to email my registration form directly to her as the one I had sent to the main email address had got lost somewhere.

Fortunately, I was able to find the email in my Sent Items and pinged it over within a few minutes. The lady received it and emailed her colleague who makes up the certificates, telling us to come back in half an hour to collect it. We thanked her and headed towards the exit, but were distracted by the job adverts on the walls. We took a few reference numbers down for Bee, and by the time we were done the lady had come over with two copies of my certificate. Success!

We now had everything we needed, and walked the rest of the way to Evans Building to submit our applications. Click for a detailed description of the Malta Residence Card application process. When we arrived, there were 20 people ahead of us in the queue but we only waited around an hour to be seen – I ran out to the nearby Malta Experience tour cafe for a baguette to sustain us.

When it was our turn, the very friendly gent behind the counter spotted on my passport that I was from Norwich and we had a good chat about that, he gave us a couple of forms that we were missing (Ford ID1A and EU electoral roll registration) and told us to come straight back to the desk (without waiting again) once we filled them in, which we did.

Our documents went into the back room, and then we waited. Over an hour later, we were called in together and had our photos taken and applications confirmed. Success!


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