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Finding a job in Malta

Finding work in Malta is understandably one of the biggest concerns for people who are considering moving there. There are a number of ways you can go about it, mainly depending on the type of work you are looking for.

Working in Malta: Recruitment agencies

I have had far more success going through recruitment agencies than trying to apply for jobs on my own, although Bee was the opposite. These are some agents I have dealt with:

iGaming, Customer Service and IT

Krysta Vella, Betting Connections

Krysta helped me to get my dream job – she could do the same for you. Very friendly, encouraging and helpful; just what you need from a good recruiter!

Email Krysta your CV

Nuria de la Fuente, SpotOn Connections

I got in contact with Nuria before even moving to Malta – she was very helpful and tried hard to find jobs for Bee and I. At least one reader of this site has already found work through her!

Email Nuria Your CV

I earn a bonus if you find work through either Krysta or Nuria, so best of luck!

Legal and IT

Martina Muscat, Nicholls Moisa – martina@nichollsmoisa.com

Vikte Vaitiekute, Nicholls Moisa – vikte@nichollsmoisa.com

Maltese Job sites

Guidance for Non-EU Family Members

EU Nationals and their Family Members (including spouse) have automatic right to live and reside in Malta thanks to Freedom of Movement laws. That is a fact.

When applying for jobs, include something like this to make sure the potential employer knows they can legally hire you:

Please also note the following regarding my right to work in Malta:

My xxx is a xxx citizen and we moved here to work under EEA Freedom of Movement treaty rights. That makes me a Third Country National ‘family member’ (not a foreign worker), therefore I do not require a work permit to legally work in Malta. Please see page 4 of the ETC Employment Licences Unit Guidelines for Clients 20/05/2015, Section 1.2 of which states:

At present, with the exception of citizens from the EEA1 /Switzerland and their TCN2 “family members”3 or “other family members”4 all foreign nationals require authorisation to work in Malta.

It may also be worth checking out the Jobsplus page about Working in Europe.

Best of luck!

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