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Food Shopping in Malta

Food Shopping in Malta

Buying from local shops

All of the food on this table was bought from local shops and stalls, for around €20. The benefits of this are you get only what you need and the food is generally fresher:

  • 5x slices of Emmental cheese: €1.69
  • Milk: €0.88
  • 2x panini bread: €0.50
  • Pesto: €2.21
  • Condensed milk (we put it in iced coffee, yum!): €1.39
  • Multigrain bread loaf: €1.65
  • Lemongrass, coconut milk, chicken flavouring and 2x noodles: €4.60
  • 5x potatoes and 1x onion: €0.75
  • 4 pork sausages: €1.70
  • 5 slices of gammon: €2.50
  • 200g of chicken: €1.50

Online grocery shopping

Greens are my online supermarket of choice here. This all cost around €65:


A couple of people have asked me how much specific foods cost so for a breakdown of the items and prices, click here: Malta Grocery Order.

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