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Get a Malta bus card (Tallinja Card)

Apply for your Tallinja Card

Malta’s answer to the Oyster in London (and many more similar schemes I’m sure) gets you two hours’ worth of bus travel for €0.75, half the usual fare of €1.50, and is pay as you go. Every time you board the bus simply touch the reader on the bus with your tallinja card. A fare for every journey of 75c will be deducted automatically from your credit up to a maximum limit of €26 every month (Night Services excluded).

It needs to be applied for with a passport-style photograph and a Maltese address – click here to apply. We received our cards approximately two weeks after applying for them with no hassle but others have needed to chase – see Malta Public Transport contact details.

Fees (approximate)

Admin fee: €1

Shipping: €5

Minimum first top-up: €20

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