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Guest post: BOV inconsistency

This post comes to you courtesy of Jack and Steph – Jack is from the UK and has successfully opened a bank account with Bank of Valletta (BOV). Cheers guys!

Well it seems like its a typical Maltese thing in that people make up whatever it is for requirements on the spot. We went to the Gzira BOV branch (near Miracle Foods) and they didn’t need an employer letter with a letterhead initially but then asked for it on the 2nd visit. We were able to get it before his appointment, then we didn’t need to deposit any money at all to open an account (I know your blog says €200 for initial opening of account so we came prepared, but they never asked for it).

He signed up for a debit card, and you can’t use the debit card online or in other countries. I believe it was either €500 or €700 daily withdrawal limit from the ATM, and there was some other limit that i cant remember at the moment.

So there you go, clear as mud! Just go into the branch closest to you and hope for the best haha!

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