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Mobile and wifi services in Malta

Get connected in Malta

Wifi options are Go (fibre and cable), Melita (fibre and cable) and Vodafone (3G/4G). The wifi plan I got is from Go; I’m signed up to a two-year contract paying €10 for the first six months at 75mbp and €20 for the remaining 18 months at 15mbp, with the option to upgrade to 35mbp for an additional €10. It was the cheapest option that offered unlimited downloads. As with my lease contract, I will be sent bills and pay them as they come up, rather than by direct debit. Details on stumbling blocks I came across at time of installation are in this entry.

Regarding phones, I opted to upgrade with EE on my existing contract. I’m on the EE Extra plan with a bundle added on, which gives me 500 minutes, unlimited texts, 1GB UK data and 500mb EU data each month for £30. Plus I get a new iPhone 5S! Compared with the deals offered here it’s good value for money in my opinion:


If it wasn’t for EE though I would advise getting a Vodafone PAYG and just buy the bundles for it every month (see above) – it comes out at €15, which smokes the competition in Malta.

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